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Applications and Reports

Staff Applications, Builder Applications, Ban Appeals, Ban Reports, Bug Reports, etc...


  1. Staff Applications

    Fill out your Staff application here, be sure to follow the guidelines to a T

  2. Player Reports

    Fill out your player reports here, Follow the guidelines to a T

  3. Ban Appeals

    Feel you were wrongfully banned? Any Bans/TempBans over 24 hours may be appealed here. Any bans shorter than 24 hours, message a higher staff member (Community Head Admin or higher)

    Follow these guidelines to a T or your ban appeal will be thrown out and you will have to wait a week to redo your ban appeal.

  4. Bug Reports

    Find a bug? report it here, there is a guideline to go off of, but, you may use your own blank post on this section as bugs are all different.

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  5. Staff/Abuse Reports

    Staff abuse? Abuse in general? report it here. Follow the guidelines and provide evidence. If evidence is not provided your report will be denied.

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