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    Very Dead. Server died yesterday.
  3. Aydin, Please put some more thought into your application, Tell me why you want to be staff, put some detail to the app and get back with me DENIED APPLICANT MUST APPLY VIA DISCORD @a true slav
  4. Firstname:Aydin Lastname:Grow Displayname:a true slav Discord Name (ex:Trevor#4749) :a true slav Server(s) you are applying for: Arma 3; And the Unturned server when it is up. Age:15 A little bit about you: I stutter non stop; this time i made it
  5. DENIED Don't ever let @ConfederateCoyote make you a staff app, and even worse, DONT EVER ADMIT IT
  6. Firstname:Aydin Lastname:Grow Displayname:a true slav Discord Name (ex:Trevor#4749) :a true slav Server(s) you are applying for: Arma 3; And the Unturned server when it is up. Age:15 A little bit about you: I stutter non stop; Also Im not making this application; The server Co Founder is. i want die 🙂
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  11. Your In Game Name: Staff Member you are reporting's name: Reason for reporting: Server it happened on: Evidence:
  12. Your In Game Name: Server you were banned on: Reason listed for ban: Who Banned you: Temporary or Permanent: Why do you feel you were wrongfully banned? Post a screenshot of the message in game
  13. Evidence is required!!! Your In Game Name: Player you are reporting's In game Name: Server witnessed on: Reason for Reporting: Evidence: Did anyone else witness it? If so, list name(s):
  14. Hello all! This is the guideline for Staff Applications Please be sure to follow the guideline exactly otherwise your application will be denied! Firstname: Lastname: Displayname: Discord Name (ex:Trevor#4749) : Server(s) you are applying for: Age: A little bit about you: Experience with moderating servers: Why do you want to apply for staff on our server?
  15. Band-Aid


    This post is on Fireeeee
  16. Band-Aid


    Hey Everybody! I am Band-Aid, one of the admins on the Arma 3 servers. For the sake of clarity, CLSs are the coolest and Waffles are greater than Pancakes.
  17. Trevor


    Sup fry
  18. Fyre


    I’m Fyre. And it’s not pronounced Fry.
  19. I'm Recksider, one of the minecraft moderators. Pleasure to meet you all!
  20. Trevor


    Hello all! Welcome to Vortex Gaming Network! We hope you have a fun, and enjoyable time meeting new friends, making new enemies, building a base together and slaying dinosaurs together, all of these things are possible at Vortex Gaming. Due to all of the severs we run, your fun will be endless! We hope you have fun and we want you to join us today! Servers List Arma 3: Exile Epoch Antistasi (Trusted members only) Altis Life Ark Survival Evolved: Main Server (Depending upon what advanced the game makes we may open more servers for it in the future) Rust: Vanilla Modded Minecraft Infinity Evolved
  21. Hello all! Thank you for visiting our wonderful community! Here is just a little background knowledge to who I am! My name is Trevor, I was born on June 27th, 2001. I have been messing with servers starting on the game Minecraft since I was about 9 years old. My first big server community I was a big part of was Nano-cft my good, long friend, "Bandnan" got me into hosting servers for the first time and since then I have been hooked on hosting servers for others to play on. Now, for a little background to Vortex Gaming! Vortex Gaming Network started a little before the new year of 2019 with our first set of servers being modded minecraft, due to finances we had to go down for about 4 months until now! We are back and we aren't goin away! We have multiple servers that are either currently up, or are going up within the next week (6/23 - 6/29) Server List... Arma 3 -- Exile Arma 3 -- Altis Life (Coming July 2019) Arma 3 -- Epoch (Coming July 2019) Arma 3 -- Antistasi (For our Trusted members. Members are trusted after spending several hours in Teamspeak/Discord with the staff.) Garrys Mod -- Dark RP Rust (Coming July 2019) Minecraft -- Infinity Evolved Ark Survival Evolved (Coming July 2019)
  22. Trevor

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